Is Earning Money Online So Flippin’ Easy?

I started this website  to help online entrepreneurs learn how to create a very good online business.  I have come to the conclusion that IF you really KNOW what you want, I mean a well defined idea of what you want, and you take appropriate action to reach your goal, you can kiss your 9 to 5 goodbye in less than one year!

If it is so easy, then why do so many fail to succeed you may ask?  (40 million come and go each year…)

Reasonable question indeed!

I think it is the fact that there are so many variables.  There are literally thousands of combinations of ways to earn money online.  You can choose to work in any number of niches, from Affiliate Marketing to Weight Loss.

You could go the eCommerce route with an Amazon or Shopify store.  And the list goes on and on!

You need to establish a clear goal and maintain your focus on that goal.  You need to really define how you want to proceed before you get swallowed up in what we call Bright Shiny Object Syndrome.  Sound silly?

Really, it does exist, and it probably affects at least 99% of those that have failed in online marketing! I am a recovering BSOS addict, and slip now and then because surely that Bright Shiny Object will help me in my business.

There are countless stories told by those that have succeeded in making HUGE incomes, of how they struggled for months, and more often years, before that AHA moment came, and it all clicked and the pieces fell into place for them.

And there are successful Internet Entrepreneurs from all around the world!  As long as you have the Internet, a valid plan, the determination to succeed, along with the willingness to take appropriate action, yours dreams really can come true.

Successful entrepreneurs have come from the ranks of housewives, truck drivers, carpenters, accountants, school teachers, retirees, and any other profession you could imagine.  If they can do it, then SO CAN YOU!

Yes, if you are going to succeed you have to develop the right mindset.  No one is going to just hand you your success, you are going to have to earn it. You have to consider this venture as a business.

While you can be wise in how you spend your money, the reality is that you will have to invest some money to get started.  You can minimize the amount of cash investment by putting in your time and earn ‘sweat equity’, but the cold hard truth is that if you want that jump start, it will take an investment of cash too.

In another lifetime I was an excavation contractor.  I was very good at it, built a solid reputation and was able to get good jobs and lots of referrals.  I was able to lease a backhoe for $1200 per month. I then needed a bulldozer, and that cost me $2000 per month.

Of course I had to have liability insurance, and insurance on the equipment.  I had dump trucks and trailers that I had to buy, insure, and maintain.  And then there were the expenses of employees, and their insurance, and then there were the taxes.

I think you get the picture. It cost me a lot of money to be in business!  As I recall, about $8,000 a month!  I enjoyed the work, and made some money, but it took a lot of investment and risk!

Getting started in online marketing has cost me far less, is much easier on my body, and the return on my investment… well there is no comparison.

The reality is that if I had a clear picture of what I wanted when I started, and a well defined road map of how I was going to get there, I would have far fewer Bright Shiny Objects that I will likely never use.  LOL!

I would also have started making money much sooner.

I had no intention of this blog post becoming a coaching session.  There will be a time and a place for that.  But not now.

I really want to help others to not fall into the traps into which many have fallen, including myself.

Yes, if you want my help, I will present offers to you that I TRULY feel will help you to succeed. Yes, I will be selling products that I own, have reseller rights to, or will be receiving an affiliate commission on the sales.

I have to eat too, but I will do my best to give you my honest assessment of how this will help you achieve YOUR goals.  I do not want to sell anything that will benefit myself without giving you an honest value as well!

Now, no matter how well defined your goal, you will get absolutely nowhere without taking decisive action!  I will make myself available to answer your questions and help you define your goals, and assist you in any way I can.

To your success!


I can be reached at and I truly want you to find that success you seek!

This is a MUST read! I just couldn’t help myself! I had to share!

I received an email today that resonated with me, as it should with anyone that is serious about earning money with online marketing.  This rant was in response to one of their ‘clients’ that had purchased some training from them a year ago, and then didn’t experience success.  Upon checking the individual had not completed ANY of the training modules or signed up for his coaching call.  The individual posted a negative rant on the private group’s Facebook page.  I will post my comments after the quote with which I took editorial license and made a few edits to make it G rated.

In the 1800’s it was snake oil…

Way too many people in our industry are simply constantly searching for that
“magic bullet”…

That thing that’ll instantly make all their worries disappear forever, and propel them to massive success without doing anything.

They hope and pray that something outside of themselves will miraculously appear to save the day…

While they’re not even willing to go through a single training module which they invested in.

They jump from one system to the next, invest in one course after another, and always follow the latest and greatest “marketing goooroooo”…

Only to shy away and drop out of their training when theirs anything needed of them that even slightly resembles taking action and doing the work.

As a result, they never see any success…

They jack up the already insanely high failure rate in our industry…

And then blame the system courses or trainers for their lack of success when it’s all said and done.

They don’t take any action and don’t do anything…

Yet expect the world in return.

It’s delusional, it’s backwards, and frankly, it’s just dumb.

To make things worse (beyond the fact that whoever has this mindset is doomed to failure)…

It gives our entire industry a horrible reputation, and makes it 100X harder on those who are actually doing the work trying to get their business off the ground.

They get zero family support…

They’re constantly reminded that chances are that they’ll fail…

And they’re usually made to feel by those around them like they’re the only person dumb enough to try and start an online business.

All because most people aren’t willing to step up and do the work, and instead, hope and pray for some kind of miracle.

So, lemme just take a second and set the record straight…

If you want to create success online, you’re going to have to take action.

If you want to create success online, you’re going to have to invest in yourself.

If you want to create success online, you’re going to have to FAIL, and then get back up.

If you want to create success online, you’re going to have to do the work, over and over and over again.

There’s no getting around it, and it’s the only way.

The good news is…

If you’re willing to step up to the challenge and do the work…

It’s 100% worth it and the lifestyle and freedom that you can create leveraging the internet is second to none.

My challenge to you…

Actually, my expectation of you as an e-mail list subscriber is to hold yourself to a higher standard.

Do the work, invest in yourself, take action daily, and stop searching for that elusive “magic bullet”.

It doesn’t exist, and the longer you spend searching for it, the farther away from your goals you’ll find yourself.

Stop acting like another brain dead bizopp zombie… And start acting like an actual entrepreneur.

Step up, do the work, hold yourself accountable, and make it happen.

If you do, it’s a matter of “when” you’re successful, and not “if”.

It is reasonable to expect that anyone that wants to earn a substantial income in any business should understand that it will take some time, much learning, much effort, and some financial commitment.  A look at the offerings in the Internet marketing space will enlighten you as to why some think it takes no effort.  Take a look at all of the ads for programs that claim to be completely done for you, and will make you hundreds of dollars while you sleep, on autopilot.

Now, don’t think that these ‘autopilot’ programs are all worthless, they are not.  In order to sell the sizzle to make more sales it would seem that they forget to enlighten the masses that there are some prerequisites to their success.  Stop for a minute, and perhaps make a list of all of the things that it took to get that airplane in the air in order to set it on autopilot.  And you likely wouldn’t even think of the building of the plane, or the electronic systems, including the autopilot system itself. You don’t sit in an airplane and flip the autopilot switch and magically it takes off, flies to your destination, and then lands.  There is far more to it, and likewise there is work to be done behind the scenes to prepare your ‘autopilot’ system to make you money while you sleep. There is no free lunch, you must pay your dues!  One of the prerequisites not mentioned is that you have to send traffic to your offer or website.  If no one sees it, no one will buy it.  Just getting that traffic is one of the biggest challenges that the new marketer faces.  There are a number of ways to get traffic, some good, some not so good.  Bottom line is that to get traffic you need to have knowledge, use some effort, and most methods require you to invest some money.  Yes there are ‘free’ methods, but even with those you need to put in effort and gain knowledge, and then the ‘free’ traffic will most often not be enough to create an income.

The truth is that while there is no magic bullet, money is being made each and every day of the year on the Internet, and lots of it.  There are countless stories of those that failed to make money, often for years, until it finally hit them… the formula to success in online marketing.  There are seemingly countless offers to teach you what they learned and how, if you follow their formula you too can be successful without the years of failure.  Sounds fair enough doesn’t it?  In order to make an intelligent determination of whether or not you need coaching, or which coaching to choose, you must first have a clear picture of your goals.  What will success look like?  What is my learning style, and how will it blend with their teaching style?I will give you a greatly over simplified formula for success for you to ponder.  Success = learning + desire + commitment + hard work + fortitude.

Let me know what your thoughts and feelings are, and as always I welcome your questions as well. Perhaps you will allow me to help.



There is nothing more constant than change!

There is nothing more constant than change! Along the path of success there are certain steps that must be taken if we wish to achieve that success.  A goal must be established and articulated, reduced to writing, then incremental goals and procedures established to move us toward that ultimate goal.  One critical element in the whole process is constant evaluation to determine whether or not our plan is working, and if not, then what needs to be corrected to get us back on track.

I will have to admit that while I know what the steps are, I am somewhat weak in the implementation of the process.  For me, that has primarily been that my goals are often a little vague.  I know the general direction and destination of what I want to achieve, but a clear definition is missing.  Do you have a similar problem?

When I retired from my position as IT Director for a relatively small city a couple years ago I knew that there was enough pension income to pay my basic necessities.  If all my wife and I wanted to do was sit in our lovely home and not work I could do that.  Well, that is not what I have in mind for my retirement.  I want to travel to visit friends and family.  I want to see some sights. I have had a client for the past ten years that provides me with a small boost to my income, but still not enough.  No, I am not going to be a Walmart greeter or work at a home improvement store for a few hundred dollars a month, not unless I become desperate, and I don’t see that happening.

This brings me to the present time.  I need, or at least want, a source of income that will afford me the opportunity to earn additional money without sacrificing my ability to travel, serve as a volunteer as I desire, and spend time with family and friends.  Based upon my skills and desires I determined that I would have to have the ability to work from my laptop over the Internet.  It needs to be something that after the initial surge of time and expense of setting it up would require no more that 15 or so hours per week, and I must be able to work those hours on my own schedule.  Is that possible?  Absolutely!  I have already started to put the plan in motion.  More details coming soon…

What are your thoughts?  Have you thought about having more money and more freedom?  Most people have, so you are not alone. Watch for my next blog post for more details.


Please help me! – I’m Falling!

I am falling so far behind! Not only is there a lot to do in getting a blog started, but I am also getting a start in online marketing and there is so much to learn. And if that isn’t enough I had to take a couple semi-unplanned trips that took a few weeks.

Enough about that! No more excuses allowed! I will be posting more reviews shortly. I don’t feel I can give an honest review on a product that I haven’t checked out fairly closely, and that takes time. In the meantime I will try to post some thoughts and throw some ideas out for discussion. Sound good? I will, starting now, split my reviews and other ramblings into separate categories to make it easier to find each. Very soon I will also set up a link to some free treasures, just for coming to visit my blog.

Thank you for visiting, and I hope to see you often.


myMailit Review

myMailit is a full featured autoresponder designed and programmed by a seven figure marketer, Brett Rutecky, for his own use, and then decided to market it to other marketers as well.  It has been battle tested and now has, as of this writing, 4,645 users, and it has sent 938,540 emails in the past 30 days.  So why myMailit instead of one of the ‘old standards’ such as Aweber or Get Response?  Well, there are several reasons, some of which are best described in the sales page, but one big one for me was the value, a combination of features and price, as well as reliability.  One top feature is that there are NO monthly or annual payments, just a low one time $97 price that will give you the full meal deal including quality support and all future updates and upgrades.  Keep in mind that Brett uses this in his own business, so when I decides that he wants a new feature for himself, all users get that new feature, at no additional cost.  There are no list size limitations, whether you list size is 100, 1000, 10,000, or more, it is the same low one time price!  There is no limitation on how many lists or email sequences or how many emails you can send.  Same low one time price!  Let’s take a quick look at pricing.  Take a look at this chart:

Even with the GetResponse lowest level with a maximum of 500 in your list you are paying $180 per year!  Compare that to a one time $97 per year with NO list size liimits.

There is a built in form builder for your opt-in forms.  There are 50 done for you templates that you can customize to your taste, or you can build your own from scratch with the drag and drop editor.  Of course there is integration to JVZoo and many software packages to capture emails for your list building.  This works so perfectly with the Profit Canvas suite that I recently reviewed.  Together they are a powerhouse combination for the new or experience Internet Marketer. It has the bells and whistles of reports and analytics that you would expect from a professional product, and I can’t possibly list all of the features in this short review.  One major difference between other autoresponders and myMailit is that the email actually gets sent from your own email account.  And that is a good thing.  You will never have downtime because the provider’s system goes down because one of their clients got blacklisted for spamming, or any other reason.  Again, the sales page has much more detail and many more reasons to buy this gem.  There are several tutorials to show you how to set up and use the features of the product.  They are pretty good.  If you need help beyond what you gather from them Brett offers pretty good technical support.  I am also willing to answer questions, and if time permits I intend to record some supplemental tutorials that will be available on this web site.

Brett and Mike offer a Premium upgrade that will be a good move for some, and totally not necessary for others.  What are the benefits?  The standard version of myMailit puts a logo at the bottom of each of your emails. With the premium version you can remove that branding.  The premium version includes a complete done for you list building packages including multiple landing pages and lead magnets hosted and delivered on the developer’s system.  The standard version will send emails at the rate of 480 per hour, which is equal to or higher than the typical email hosting company allows.  That is 11,520 emails over a 24 hour period.  That exceeds my needs!  The premium version sends out 30 times faster, or 14,400 per HOUR.  Sounds great, but you would have to have a dedicated server at a much higher hosting cost to benefit from that.  My favorite feature of the premium version is the ability to send emails to just your subscribers that didn’t open your previous email.  Change the subject line a bit and try again.  Increasing your overall open rate is a wonderful thing!  The premium version is an additional one time $67.  Think about it.  Add the $97 for the standard version and the $67 for the premium version and you have a total cost of $164, compared to $180 for ONE YEAR of a WIMPY plan with only 500 subscribers in your list.  You can see a promotional video talking about the premium version here.

Now, full disclosure:  I purchased the standard license of myMailit and liked it so well that I purchased the Agency license so I can resell myMailit.  I also own the Agency license for Profit Canvas and several other products developed by Brett Rutecky, and other products as well.  That being said, I try to give an honest review.  If I don’t like the product or any feature of the product I will say so.

Profit Canvas Review

I purchased this a while back and life got in the way and it collected digital dust for a while.  This is totally amazing!  When I finally took the time to give it a serious look I regret that I did not get started with it right away.  There are several components to this must have gem!  I will try to give a brief overview of each.  It has a fully functional drag and drop page maker, but also comes with 75 ready made page  templates. Granted there are a lot of page makers out there, and Profit Canvas will hold its own in that arena, but there is so much more to Profit Canvas than just a page maker.  All of your pages can be hosted for life for free!  Add to that the click analytics that are easily viewed for each page.

Then there is an interactive video creator.  We all know how important video is in today’s marketing.  Try to be successful without it.  With this video creator you can add lower third text and graphics to your video, a countdown timer, opt-in forms, PayPal buttons or JVZoo buttons.  Of course you have redirect URL settings and targeting codes.  You can use this with webinar video, sales video, review video, or any other video you desire.  Pretty awesome features!

Next you have a popup creator.  Like the page creator it is drag and drop and has 25 pre-made templates, which like the page creator templates are fully editable.  You, of course, program in how and when you want the popup to appear.  Some really cool features!

Now, what better way to make connection with your customers and potential customers that with a webinar?  Brett has made it pretty darn easy to set up full featured webinar system.  Can you beat that?  You can pre-record the webinar, run it live, and send customers to the replay.  Your choice of how you wish to do it!

And as if there was not enough value already, we have 40+ step by step training videos that not only show you how to use this software suite, but substantial information about how to succeed in the Internet Marketing business.  Actually, you will find that Brett Rutecky and Mike Thomas, commonly known as Mike from Maine, seem to always over deliver.  Hidden away in just about every offering is a wealth of training that goes beyond the actual product that you bought.

Now I am certain that I could have gone into more detail because this is so feature rich and there is much more to be said, but the next step would be for you to watch the sales video presentation to learn more.  If you choose to purchase after that I don’t think you will have a minute of regret.  If you are serious about earning money from anywhere that you have an Internet connection, this is a great set of tools to help you succeed.  Paired with myMailIt for your auto-responder you will be well on your way to a profitable future.

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions about this post or anything related to Internet Marketing and I will do my best to get you pointed in the right direction.


Disclosure: I purchased this product and was impressed enough that I since have acquired Agency rights to be able to resell it.  I also own Agency rights to sell myMailit and several other products.


Very much a web site in its infancy, and under construction

Who is Stan, and why does he want to help?  Why did I choose this domain name? Well, my name is Stan Anderton.  I live in Southern Idaho, USA, and I love to help people reach their goals and ever more so, their potential.  I am just getting started in a new venture in Internet Marketing where I will be selling some of my own offerings as well as Affiliate Marketing.  Over the past several months I have been observing and analyzing the various facets of the business so I could decide how I wanted to proceed.  I have learned a lot, and no doubt will learn much more in the years to come.  I have a small advantage in that I have sufficient retirement income to cover living expenses for my family, and a little to spare.  This has allowed me to not rush in without a clue as to where I wanted to go.

I have been somewhat of an entrepreneur since I was young, paying my own way since I was a pre-teen.  I have had an exciting life and have had the opportunity to have a varied work background.  I guess I don’t fit the mold of the man that finishes his schooling and works in one field his entire working life then retires.  I have traded stocks in Los Angeles, worked for a major computer company in Salt Lake City, Boeing Aircraft in Seattle, sold insurance, was a Real Estate Broker, mortgage and contract broker, land developer, contractor, manufacturer, publisher, and even a period of time where I was in law enforcement serving as Chief of Police.  I was always interested in technology, having built my first radio at 6 and built the public address system for my Junior High School at 13.  After a major construction injury in 1982 I bought my first computer and taught myself programming, and was manufacturing computers by 1987.  I built hundreds of computers and began providing hardware and software support, and continued developing software for small businesses in the area.  I have been using the Internet since before the World Wide Web came into existence.  It was much different then, being totally text based, and no Google!  When networking small businesses became a desire, then a necessity, I jumped in and became a pro.  When the WWW came about I became an Internet Service Provider. I built web sites, including a fairly sophisticated one programmed in PHP and MySQL, both in their infancy.  I became a business analyst, a systems analyst, and obtained my Microsoft certifications for system administration, network administration, and I am a certified systems engineer.  I retired as IT Director for a modest size city.  I continue with a handful of clients that I have served for several years. I have been active in volunteer work for more than 40 years and have served on three boards of directors and presided over multiple organizations.

I guess what I am trying to show is that I have a lifetime of experience in business and in the Internet. Pretty much all of my life I have been teaching, training, and serving.  It is what I do.  It is who I am.  My goal is to build my business while helping many others along the way.  You can expect to hear my opinions from time to time, and my analysis of why things are the way they are.  Now, I hope all of this does not seem arrogant.  I also freely admit that there is much I don’t know.  I hope to learn from others as much as I hope they can learn from me.

I welcome you and hope you will find this web site a place that you feel comfortable visiting often.  I will be doing product reviews.  I will have some freebies, including software and training, and as I have said, I will likely be sharing my opinions and suggestions.


p.s. Please be patient as I work to get the format of this site to my liking.  It will then take off and be packed with features and content.